Return to Source

The healing power of embracing death and darkness Step In
Seize this day……

be part of what is the rarest transformational offering – a unique opportunity to fully embrace your own mortality and the impermanence of all things in existence. Safe holding if you wish to heal loss and your broken heart. Your clean slate life and emotional and mental spaciousness is closer than you think. This is a journey EVERYONE should make!

 With all my heart and soul I thank you, dear Joy, for the most glorious, wonderful, transformative workshop. To anyone who hasn’t attended Return to Source, I can’t recommend it highly enough and its not easy to explain why, except to say its truly liberating to consciously and deeply consider and face ones own death. … truly enlivening in ways beyond my imagination. As to the joy, sweetness and laughter that Joy speaks of, those are a given at Secret Garden workshops and ongoing circles. There is such love and friendship shared here. If you are drawn to this work, dip a toe in, or plunge straight in, as I did. You won’t look back! With Aloha,  ~ Karen Scott, Narberth

I have completed some events within me that couldn’t be completed outside of me…the old sadnesses about goodbyes and losses have gone. Love is there instead  ~ Jake Whitby, Reading


…a profound weekend retreat, in beautiful Gloucestershire. Your unique opportunity to participate in a deeply liberating shamanic healing journey. This is a beautiful and surprising exploration, without belief or theory, in which you will find value whatever consciousness work you have, or have not, done before. Join us on this rarely offered world-class exploration of the healing power and creative potency of death, darkness and embrace of life’s losses.

This is leading edge evolutionary work for men and women, a safely held space for this profound rite of passage which integrates body and soul. 


The fire set alight in this journey consumes the contracting energy of personality, and you can align with the source, your original energetic nature – the root of healing, presence and joy, of all your nourishment.

The retreat can bring profound acceptance of periods of challenge, of dark nights of the soul, of the absolute truth that the body will die and life will end. 

It brings liberation from past griefs, from old, destructive behaviour patterns and attitudes, restoring your delight in and gratitude for life itself in its simple, ordinary miraculousness,  your aliveness and your capacity for joy.


If you are in a period of transition and know that a full letting go is needed, if you have experienced deep loss or trauma, if you wish for freedom from the judgement and fear of loss and fragility that is inevitable for the separate self, if you wish to live the deep intelligence and seeing of the heart, join us.

If your life is already great, yet you sense there is more if you fully embrace mortality and impermanence with right support, high quality reflection, inspiration and guidance.

If you’re wondering whether to take this rare, unique opportunity see if these possibilities resonate…..

One of the best things I’ve ever done. Joy is incredibly brave, and a total genius! Uncompromising but deep and loving too  ~  Jill Langford, now deceased, always loved

Join us for your ultimate healing and awakening journey

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…What will you experience?

What happens

This initiatory journey is profoundly life changing for almost everyone who participates.

Your life is as vivid as the depth of your capacity to befriend death and loss. Denial of death is a strong driver for most and leads to unsustainable ways of being. No matter what our circumstances in this wordly existence, we all will face and probably have faced, letting go, death, dying, loss, maybe devastating loss, in many different ways. Knowing our mortality allows us to enjoy the life we have now and means letting go is so much easier.

You will be guided surely through individual profound shamanic ritual, ceremony and powerful meditations. There will also be sitting in silence, short exploration in nature, contemplative guided exploration alone, sharing in pairs and the circle, as wished, to explore, mark and acknowledge, so that there is a deeper and deeper acceptance and love for the life that flows in you and the choices you have made.

You will be supported as you let go of your personal investment in your life, your relationships, preferences and possessions, and encounter your mortality, so you can receive the friendly teachings of death and bring more consciousness into your living here now.

The unowned shadow is sustained by all the apparently rational justifications of whatever ego structure we have adopted in order to survive. By finding the courage to face the power and instinctive vitality of the shadows – as well as their falseness and unreality – you find the courage to overcome your fear of the death of the ego’s ideas and preferences. Embracing shadow energies, darkness and death, experiencing and owning our mortality brings more life and freedom, more soul. This workshop allows you to embrace the shadows that humanity has struggled with for millennia, as transparency, intimacy and the absence of guilt allows more friendship with your own being. Trauma is released and inner certainty and creativity arise, along with effortless flow and activity in existence. You will make friends with the journey none of us can avoid making – the death of the body – in order to bring more consciousness into your living here now, so it becomes easy to be and live all you are naturally meant to be.. The pure creative life force of  shadow energy, including fear of non existence (which is not the same as a heathy instinct to preserve life), can be released in consciousness. This energy can become the fuel for that embodiment of soul purpose, gratitude and joy rather than turned inwards and denied and a damaging saboteur of what is potentially good in life. Creative possibilities and actions for ‘your’ life, aligned with life’s intelligence, emerge naturally.

This is a highly experiential journey, not a theoretical investigation. How do you let go and not give up? What are you willing to actually let go of? Do you trust when it is time to let go? What is your relationship with death? What is death? What does goodbye touch in you? What is the difference between life and living? Can you befriend death? If so, what can help that to happen? How do you find completion with what is incomplete? How can you recognise the real significance of our relationships with the people close to us and with everything in existence? What is our relationship with darkness and with the shadow side of our own and others’ psychological make up? How do we receive and embrace our own and others’ blocked, shadowy energy in the body so it is in the light and cannot hide. How do we help others die and soothe them as they go?

Darkness and the embracing of death are ancient shamanic ritual tools for enhancing one’s experience of life as an ocean of energy and aliveness and for embracing deeper aspects of unconscious and states of realization of the highest truths. The stilling of the mind can happen and from this the often inaccessible hidden gifts of intuitive knowing and seeing of what is extraordinary. Darkness wakes up awareness and appreciation for the light in being. You can become a see-er in the darkness, a source of light in unconsciousness.

In this life-affirming, profoundly rejuvenating alchemical work, there will be a constant transmission of the awakeness you are already. It is acknowledged that the separate, conditioned self appears in the dream, and suffering and longing appear real.

The Power of Circles

The circle provides the safety in which extraordinary personal breakthroughs become possible. It is your anchor, as you release shadows back into light, in your journey to integrate and enlighten more of who you are. Receive nourishment and safe holding as you accept, digest, transform and fully and lovingly let go of your past, and your life’s losses. This can transform your ordinary life and gift all those you encounter through what you receive this weekend. The circle will deeply touch you and, if you open to it, increase your wisdom, compassion and trust.

Open sharing in our large circle also opens your heart to the vulnerable humanity of self and others, and shows what is in the way of your heart opening, allowing deepening trust, confidence and sensitivity.

The freedom that Joy is empowers realisations beyond the small, conditioned personal self, because there is no agenda. The ‘approach’ is dynamic and responsive; the exact content is determined according to the needs and energy of the group in the moment. Compassionate holding and world-class facilitation bring revelation of sabotaging patterns and trances, and deep opening in love to aspects of your own being, and to others.

Sitting together in the circle, we open too to the mystery, beyond the mind’s ability to comprehend, of all that happens among us, to life’s intelligence, that creates the deep insights and huge awakenings to the truth of who you really are. Revelation of the boundless intelligence of Life itself, the jewel of being may occur. The circle is key to living a life of freedom, joy and illumination.


There will also be time to let go and relax, space to enjoy community and friendship, good food and music, nature, and the hot tub and enjoy the beautiful venues and countryside. There will be plenty of humour and laughter!

Join us for this fusion of enquiry, resolution of past, beauty, love, intimacy, healing, and authentic, nourishing community. 

Give yourself the rare gift of a group gathering with the intention of their own and others’ freedom…Book now as places are strictly limited.

 an opportunity to let go of what was and fears about the future….to explore my relationship with death (mine and in general), and my shadow side that’s so often not allowed…. I am much more aware of impermanence, my relationship with death and my own death. To notice and honour my fears is valuable. When death appears before me now…. I am less likely to withdraw and more likely to stay open to what is. I’m more aware of attachment and also a sense of not putting things off within family and friends relationships.  ~ Louise Hargreaves, Loughborough

  ‘I pray that death will not come and find me still unannihilated’ – Anandakuri Swami

Join us for your ultimate healing journey

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What is Secret Garden?

Secret Garden is nothing to do with self-improvement or fixing anyone. Profound opening to all that is, difficult or easy, beautiful or ugly, is key. Then Nature flowers in the human body, free of conditioning.

Realisation that ‘you’ are Life itself, there is no separation and that Love is the only ‘solution’ must then be stabilised in embodiment of awakeness.

Secret Garden gatherings offer you a greater trust in and realization of happy, healthy, and en-lightened living. Depth, intimacy, playfulness, transparency, powerful intentionality an d naturalness develop naturally. Expanded consciousness can stabilise so you remain open and free always – even in the midst of unpleasant or challenging circumstances and in a world of increasing polarity. Joy’s deep pleasure is to work with those who truly value ‘the ordinary mystic’s work’ of awakening, integration and embodied realisation.

‘There is only wholly unconditional Love….Under what is, every thought, every feeling, every circumstance, however challenging, there is Love. Is – ness is Love – no-thing, everything – unfolding’

Joy Hicklin-Bailey

How will you Benefit?

Liberation and being cannot be ‘taught’

A powerful transmission of it is received in this group, no matter what appears to be happening

Death is Life…and no-thing

Full acceptance of your mortality and that of loved ones brings many benefits

Release Your Limiting Patterns

  • Accept, digest, transform and fully let go of the past
  • Move through stuck situations or attitudes
  • Experience the spaciousness of freedom from fear of life, of loss and of death
  • Perhaps access bliss, freedom and love usually considered to be available only to Eastern mystics.

Developing skills for the art of living you

  • Navigate your transitions with power and grace
  • Strengthen the character qualities of  humility, generosity, and patience that make life ‘work’. Most importantly, this work does not increase or reinforce the ego’s sense of identity, pride and control which is a major problem with the ‘spiritual marketplace’ and new age healings and teachings. In order to live your true nature as being, a letting go of limits and dismantling of resistance to chnage is necessary, rather than a building up. It is counter intuitive that it is this that allows the river of ‘your’ life to flow clean, healthy and abundant.
  • Be fully present to who and where you are now and open to newness
  • If you are a professional who is already working as a therapist, teacher, healer, or counsellor, or if you are starting to look for your avenue of contribution, this journey deepens your offering to those you serve.

Healing your past

  • Find support for, mark & even celebrate a transition in your life.
  • Move beyond deep grief –  the loss of a loved one or an old life, into acceptance, even gratitude
  • Stories you have lived of ‘not good enough’, life sorrows, losses, disappointments and frustrations that might be part of your being human, & the life you are wishing to co-create now, are fully embraced with gratitude for their gifts
  • Deep acceptance and revitalisation comes.
  • Rediscover your aliveness and the delight of your being

Self Love

  • Befriend shadow energies and reclaim their vitality
  • Enjoy your primal animal aliveness and power & sensual pleasure. Reclaim the life force which is your birthright and let it be rocket fuel for finer energies of expanded consciousness

Touch the life beyond separation and time

  • This journey catalyses mental, emotional and physical awakening.  A dismantling of false veils of trance, apparent separation and old myths you no longer need happens. Boundlessness is, always, anyway.
  • In opening to the mystery of full human beingness, including the pain and loss, the not knowing of presence arises. Beyond your personality limitations is the freedom & love that is & always has been, beyond the small you
  • Release resistances, stories and hurts. Presence replaces separation patterns, longings and striving.
  • You learn that your past is only as real as you demand it to be, that you do not have to be run by your wounding and sorrows and that Love heals and dissolves past stories.

Transform Your Intimate Relationships

  • Heal your broken heart
  • Compassion grows and you see others with new eyes A deeper knowing of human frailty increases mutual respect and harmony.
  • Find a fluidity of emotional flow in all you feel, natural sensitivity, power & innocence, your authentic voice
  • With increased depth of feeling and open hearted acceptance of how life touches you now, you are more available for those you partner, befriend, parent or offer service to

Unconditional Love

  • Find unconditional friendship with all the colours of aliveness in the circle, in self and with ‘the other’, find or re-discover your natural capacity to give and receive love
  • Awaken to limitless, unconditional Heart consciousness. It has no agenda. No demand. It is endlessly fulfilled.
  • Wake up to beauty, connection and love; expect miracles, aliveness, wholeness
  • You will move back into ordinary life awake, grounded, nourished and reconnected with soul.

If you join this circle now, you can catch the early booking discount and receive 2 Bonuses

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I had been on Return to Source previously and found it so astonishing that I wanted to experience it again. On a deeper level i’ve really craved for the opportunity of this experience, and both times it has been a very different and fulfilling experience for me. Return to Source is so incredibly valuable I would do it again and again…. I feel calmer and more at ease…. I can see that allowing death to happen can be liberating, transforming, rejuvenating, beautiful and revelatory for me. That desperately holding on to what I believe I have or am in control of, just stops me from allowing all of this in to my life…. This is so relevant and transformative on many levels in your everyday life and in your perception of your experience and existence ~ Susan S., London

This group is for you if…

Your life changing opportunity – befriend the inevitabilities and creative potency of death, loss and darkness – join us!

  • if you are in transition and letting of an old phase of life,
  • if you fear loss or death
  • if you have ever grieved or still grieve the loss of a loved one, through death or break up
  • if you are finding it hard to let go fully of an old life or way of being
  • if you cannot find an acceptance of something about your life
  • if you feel your attachments to possessions, or dependencies on others, career or worldly insecurities hold you back
  • If, even if life has ease at present, you are concerned about the future
  • if you are wishing to be fully present with ill or dying relatives
  • If you are ill and wish to stay fully engaged with your life now
  • If you wish to deepen your offering as a healer or counsellor working with others
  • If you value depth, presence, love and consciousness.
  • Have you touched the essence of who you are and wish to live that in all ways? How alive dare you be? If you wish to learn how you can live fully alive and awake … then the Return to Source weekend is for you! VERY Limited places, book your place now How to Book
  • If you are living less than the full passion and aliveness that you could be because of the roles you play, the routines, conventions and habits that restrict, if you spend too much time lost in your head and in virtual realities, save your one precious life

If you long…

  • You know you are not the body, your feelings, your own ‘map of the world’, yet don’t know how to break through the isolation and fear that is inevitable for the separate self
  • If you are called to real transformation and you want to go ‘further’ than most can ever lead you
  • You have had glimpses beyond the veil of the joy and wonder and long to fully embody beingness

If you are struggling at times…

  • You regret past choices or actions
  • You feel disconnected and don’t feel fulfilled in life and long for more clarity, pleasure and joy
  • You sense that fear holds you back from taking action and wish for freedom from the patterns you fall into instead

Singles and Couples and all ages welcome

You will quickly realise if you are attending alone, that the circle allows you to be quiet or sociable, and that you are in safe space. This circle supports conscious relating for couples if you choose to participate together and are committed to deepening your connection and each other’s happiness. People of all ages, from 18-80,  attend Secret Garden workshops.

If you are a parent, this healing work means that your previously unmet limits and sorrows are not passed to your children. Participants of past groups have experienced openings, healings, breakthroughs they had no idea were possible and had never touched in other spiritual and transformational groups.

Secret Garden is at the leading edge of our evolving humanity, for you if you are wishing for nourishment, for connection, for your power. Maybe you choose tender space to heal your heart, for support in transition or to enquire about a question about life, relating or spiritual awakening. If any of this resonates, book your place here

And if you wish to dive deeper, you might consider the Being ongoing group, of which this forms the first weekend. Go here for more details

Wonderful, profound, brilliant, touching beyond words  ~ Tracey Gann, Oxford

Death’s gifts

When you truly realise that this body will be your vehicle only for a finite time, and that your human loves and hopes ultimately must end, there is a real imperative to discover who you truly are…you are not your emotions, not your thoughts, your feelings, beliefs and ideas, so what are you?

 The natural reality beyond the mind is not of past or future, there is only unconditional freedom, always. Yet to live embodied natural beingness, there must be a willingness to see the false identitification with the body and the material that has driven ‘your’ life. if we are not using this life to practice dying and to see the death in each moment of life and embrace our own death and mortality, then our time here is being wasted. and isn’t that the ultimate let go, after all, to face the great Unknown, Death.

In these interesting times we live in, we cannot hold onto much, as things are changing so fast. I wish you a time of radical letting go, and total trust in the unfolding NOW. It’s a wild ride, isn’t it? Death is a wonderful teacher and wake up call.  ‘Return to Source’ is the ultimate enquiry and very deep healing.  The accountability of circle helps you come to love the one who wants to evade and escape this, and can love you in the clear seeing and witnessing of what is ready to die. This is how ‘you’ take full responsibility for your life circumstances and learn to celebrate.

Birth is yours, in full allowing of death. Resurrection and redemption is yours. This being is the miracle. Sensitivity to sensation-al life is invited.

What if every single thought or feeling or experience or story were simply an invitation to love? Beyond judgement, opinion or resistance….what if there can be a choice whether to accept that invitation or not..a conscious no or yes…until there is no choice, and love is all, all is love.

By undergoing this very real encounter with the great teacher, death and its mystery, you create the opportunity to bring trust, light, celebration and presence into all the moments you breathe air on the planet and to live embodied soul. You live with intelligence rather than living from the conditioning of the past, from your genealogy, from the painful history of your story and from the misinformation of your present day ‘culture of information’.

Joy facilitates your realisation in this workshop of a seeing through and beyond the forms of existence into love and truth. By learning to continually bring your attention back to this reality here, now – where there is no death, no birth either – you free yourself and your life from belief or identification with the stories, tension, conflict and unhappiness.

Eventually this ordinary reality becomes home, a boundless presence which never dies and is never born and which has a value more than all life and existence can apparently bring you. So that every day is a celebration of what IS now!

What You Say about Return to Source

I realised this is IT, not a rehearsal for life. That I need to connect with others. That I really enjoy being in nature. That I love challenge. So many benefits. That it’s ok to trust and let go the more I do allow things to be, the easier life becomes. I loved so many of the structures and the sharing, the support. It takes away some of the fears surrounding death   ~ Oriana Wood, Gerrards Cross

My first thought was there is no way – it’s too frightening – and now I feel it’s the best thing I ever did. I’m glad I didn’t believe my fears and doubts and stay away ~ J. Mullen, Manchester

I have shifted very old patterns – I feel more powerful and intensely nurtured. This work is very nurturing ~ Lynne M, Oxon

I am astounded at the positive effect. I feel so much more free and inspired now. Thank you for making this opportunity ~ Carolyn Forrest, Birmingham

I have allowed death to become part of my life, rather than a a shadowy and feared presence. I appreciate so much more the fact of being alive, the sweetness of life with all its imperfections ~ Paula Kingston, Malvern

 I’m not good, bad, sad, innocent, intelligent, frightened, trying, finding, caring, hateful, loving- ‘I am’ is enough. Thank you ~ Mark Jenkins, Worcs.

Joy is an inspiration to work with & one of the clearest light workers I have met ~ Lee Woodhams, London

Loved the strength of the energetics coupled with the feeling of security ~ Graham Hobbs, Dursley

You are an inspiration & a true Light Worker ~ Adrienne Hermann, Spain

You are an inspiration. Your passion for and practice shows in your joyous face and your ability to communicate with others. Bless you for the Light you shine upon others as you walk your path with love ~ Carolyn, IoW

 I drank it up like I was thirsty for it ~ Susan S., London

 handled with complete impeccability…..When you ….announced on Saturday night that we were now entering what you described as ritual space was for me one of the highlights of the weekend. It suddenly created a space that just had not existed a few moments beforehand. You are a  true shaman…. I fully appreciate the astonishing strength and depth of your love and passion… I did absolutely love your very feminine approach to the whole affair ~ Andrew Collier, Bath

If you are drawn, trust the call of your soul. Book your place in this circle here

You will receive these Benefits from participating

Find practical details here

If you like the whole story go to this Introduction and Is it for You?

Limited Time Bonuses You receive if you book by the early booking deadline

Call 01452 813241 or email if you have any questions so you can be sure this is right for you.

Who will journey with you?

Those drawn to this Secret Garden work have maturity and self-responsibility, and rich life experience.

You will meet men and women from every walk of life, businessmen and women, musicians, health workers, artists, coaches and trainers, doctors, actors, body workers, lawyers, parents, writers, careworkers, facilitators, counsellors, and much more, and often from several countries.

Most, young or older, will have already looked deeply into life and meditative practice. You are courageous explorers stepping out beyond what is known.

It is a wonderful gift, taking time out to hang out with people who love depth and authenticity and the freedom of being. The support, nourishment and confidence of being loved in all you are is priceless. Any doubt or uncertainty about valuing what your heart knows dissolves.

How do you participate?

How you participate is totally up to you as long as you are respectful of all.

Return To Source brings you a series of carefully guided explorations and deep, safe holding as you encounter the free flow of your feelings, longings and sensitivities.

This is a tender & nurturing environment in which your vulnerability, privacy & confidentiality are protected at all times. (Photography and video is only used with those who have consented and at wholly appropriate times).

You are supported throughout in being in the structures & experiences in the way that feels true to you. All chosen boundaries in any presenting situation are honoured & respected. No physical contact is necessary unless chosen.

Trust your pull to what cannot be spoken of

Limited Time Bonuses

Your Freedom in Being

Your Guide to Awakening

Essential keys to provide context for the challenges

E – book

Free Bonus Value £9


The profound energetic healing of Ho’oponopono brings increased freedom, happiness and creativity and boosts your calm and vitality.

Live life now, beyond stories.

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Free Bonus Value £19

Join us…..This carefully structured shamanic journey ends heartache, grief and fear

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Your Return to Source Weekend Course Fee

  • Your course fee
  • and morning & afternoon refreshments
  • Sat night B & B available if desired
Book with your partner, or a friend new to Secret Garden
  • Please give your partner’s or friend’s name in the drop down box when booking. You need to book separately.

Will You Join Us?

This is your only chance to book at the early booking price!

This is a unique journey which Joy offers only every few years.

Seize this opportunity, it will never come again, this way, or at this unique point in your life!

Please be aware that places are limited.

How much is exquisite expertise worth to you? How much is a loving, trustworthy guide – who has dedicated their whole life from childhood, to truth and love – worth to you?

How much is a clear mirror and mastery worth? How much is authentic, ongoing community, dedicated to intentional enquiry and consciousness, worth to you?

A powerful, mature circle is gathering so don’t miss your chance to catch the early booking price.

This group will fill fast so book now. Enrol & bring world-class facilitation & support into your life.

If you’re feeling a YES, trust that soul call – you can.

Aloha. All love (Whichever side of the fence you end up on..;)),

Joy Hicklin-Bailey

P.S Time to step up but you have to act now to secure your place and also to get the early booking discounts and 2 valuable bonuses. This is your time. Join me now – I would love to be your awakening guide, to serve you to be the love you are so you can live an expanded life of beauty and joy.

P.P.S And if you wish to dive deeper, you might consider the Being ongoing group, of which this forms the first weekend. 

Go to for details. 

Book your place on Being ongoing here

Practical details you need to know – dates, times, venues

Venue: Central Stroud

Dates: Saturday, October 28 – Sunday, October 29

Times: Start at 10 30am Sat and Close 4 15pm Sun

Accommodation: Non-residential Catering to include Saturday supper and Sunday lunch and refreshments.

Lovely Bed & Breakfast (double, twin, single, camping) available if desired. Stay informally with most participants, in a very beautiful private, spacious home, with delicious food, beautiful garden and woodland walks…

This group will fill quickly, there are strictly limited numbers and there has been a lot of interest through word of mouth already.

I have spent 15 years learning and reading about spiritual awakening, in these few days the truth of it unfolded for the first time. And life is so much better now! Thank you is inadequate ~ Sally Meadows, Guildford

Heal and restore the vibrant, energetic being you are……why wait?

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About Joy

Secret Garden points towards your ‘journey’ of awakening into embodied realisation of non-duality, of one, not two, into that which is beyond words. Whatever is – in the appearance – happening, the separate self’s hijacking of pure experience loses its hold and natural reality may be revealed.

Many trainings in healing and psychotherapeutic disciplines grounded what was ‘experienced’ in the story of being Joy, & gave ways in which liberated being could be offered in a safely held way in this garden dedicated to the blossoming of human beingness. The ‘approach’ is a sensing, feeling, seeing & listening to all that is apparently happening in the moment yet the mystery brings intuitive guidance. The intelligence of life plays immaculately and sometimes surprisingly. Silence & non-doing, rather than controlling what is happening with an agenda, allows apparent healing, magical unfolding & revelation of the wholeness beyond the appearance of form, identity and role, the wondrous gift of life itself.

For over 20 years, there has been profound pleasure in and great gratitude for Secret Garden’s transformational weekend, day, week-long retreats, ongoing trainings & evening groups in Gloucestershire, Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Andalucia, Italy, the Greek islands & the Hawaiian islands, and one to one and couple sessions.

 Joy is currently writing a book with the working title “The Gateway to Being”

 Joy Hicklin-Bailey brings you her expertise in human dynamics and transformational evolution. She is a superb facilitator of the emergence of Self or beingness, for those who are drawn to wholeness and freedom. Joy is a spiritual counsellor & an outstanding coach in the areas of natural happiness, intimate relating, awakened embodiment & professional development. Joy has been working with awakened embodiment coaching with individuals, couples and groups for over 20 years. Joy’s clients come from all walks of life & include professionals, mothers, fathers, celebrities, farmers, artists, healers, & more. Joy is such a world – class, profoundly effective facilitator that several internationally renowned teachers & coaches go to her confidentially to solve their life and love issues and go to her for supervision work. She works with immediacy, tenderness and utter clarity.

Joy is a qualified, practising Jungian psychotherapist, the founding facilitator of Essence work, a hypnotherapist, a Huna healer, an expert in ancient lineage work with ancestors and family (the source of constellations work), Time Line therapist, NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer, and astrological counsellor and a highly regarded business/executive coach & trainer at management & director level in organisations such as Centrica & Aviva, well-known charities & more.

Just imagine what this might lead you to…..

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 ‘Darkness within darkness, the gateway to all understanding’ – Lao Tsu  

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