Awakening to the Extraordinary Ordinary  –  with Joy Hicklin-Bailey

3 Keys to Living Your Life in Joy and Freedom

In this Online exploration, you will discover compelling, transformative approaches you won’t find anywhere else.

It gives you profound keys to move beyond smallness and deepen your embodiment of joy and freedom


This Free Webinar is for you if…

You are facing challenges – discover how they can become gateways to the ever present wonder and radiant beauty of being you, radically alive 

You long for more depth of connection with your being, with others and with Life

You want high quality guidance, free of spiritual ideology, about an often misunderstood area, and crystal agenda-free reflection along with the highest energetic transmission 

You are ready to let go of trying and self-judgement and open to the unconditional love at the core of Life

You are looking for a way to successfully energise your transformational ‘journey’

You have glimpses of joy & freedom beyond conditioned limits & long to fully embody beingness

You want simple practices to drop defences, raise your energetic vibration & feel good each day

You are enquiring into the core questions and longings of being human yet intuit that effort to ‘get there’ pushes away the gifts of being

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Joy is a superb facilitator of the emergence of Self or beingness, for those who are drawn to wholeness and freedom. She brings you her expertise in human dynamics and transformational evolution. Secret Garden points towards your ‘journey’ of awakening into embodied realisation of non-duality, of one, not two, into that which is beyond words. Whatever is – in the appearance – happening, the separate self’s hijacking of pure experience loses its hold and natural reality may be revealed. Struggle falls away and Life becomes a joy.

Trust your pull to what cannot be spoken of