Discover the Joy & Freedom of Being

This Free Live Awakening Webinar is for you if…

 You have areas in your life that could ‘work’ better

 You wish to grow your heart big enough to love all that is in others, yourself & life

 One to one facilitation if you wish & space for Q and A intrigues you

 You want to discover 3 simple easy to live keys for awakeness

You wish to never stop learning and expanding into what is simple, ordinary & natural

 You wish to be with others in freedom, joy, pleasure & ease – ‘You are me’

You have had glimpses beyond the veil of the joy & wonder, & long to fully embody beingness

  You are enquiring into the core questions of being human

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Live on Sunday, Aug 12th at 10 45am

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Do you wish for a natural ease, joy & freedom in your ordinary life?….join this no-cost 90 minute live webinar

for World-Class Facilitation with Joy Hicklin-Bailey

Imagine being in a vibrant, loosely held community which serves the highest potential of your humanity. Enjoy working with Essence -the joy & wonder of Being, with support from committed fellow travellers, move beyond resistance, stories and concepts – and embody love and space, which is what you are. 

Awesome….This work invites your fundamental core beliefs, projections, judgements & woundings into the light. Extraordinary facilitation will help you…receive the gold buried in your shadow and celebrate you, just as you are… profoundly healing.  If you are in any way attracted to this, just do it. Joy’s extraordinary facilitation & the innate intelligence of this potent work will carry your gentle being   ~ Jemma Brett, Scotland

Essence work brings the realisation that profound opening to all that is, difficult or easy, beautiful or ugly, is key for ease and happiness. Then Nature flowers in the human body, challenges resolve and circumstances in work, finance, relating, health  improve easily and in a way that is naturally right for you.

Realisation that ‘you’ are Life itself, there is no separation and that Love is the only ‘solution’ may then be stabilised in embodiment of awakeness. 

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